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Organic Certification Support 

I support you with any issues regarding your organic certification, for example: 

Initial NOP Certification 

Selecting a Certification Agency

Organic System Plan Development

Risk and Vulnerability Analyses

Writing of an Organic SOP

Development of Robust Recordkeeping Systems

Staff Training

Support During Inspection


Annual Internal Audits Noncompliances

Certification Reinstatements

Annual Internal Audits 

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Shelane Holguin, Coffee Execution & Sustainability Officer, LDC - Louis Dreyfus Company "Silke is very approachable and well acquainted with the Organic Program. Her help was crucial in developing internal procedures that helped our organization with the Organic Certification. Thanks to her professionalism and experience she helped us create detailed organic SOPs that allowed for easy reference for the Marketing and Management Teams, which are still in use even after a reorganization within the company. Her expertise makes her an excellent resource for all information concerning organic trade and allows for transparent and accurate communication with the Certifier. It has been a pleasure to work with her!" Shelane Holguin, Coffee Execution & Sustainability Officer, LDC - Louis Dreyfus Company

Richard Curylo, Vice President of Business Development, RPM Group Inc. "Organic Insights has proven to be a reliable consulting service for our group. Silke is approachable, professional, and really understands the regulatory landscape as it pertains to Organic certification. Her perspective clearly comes from many years of valuable experience throughout supply chains. She will help your organization navigate through any challenges or opportunities you need assistance with. We would refer Organic Insights to any organization looking for guidance in this continuously adapting environment."

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Accreditation Services:   

Annual Internal Program Reviews

Support with NOP non-compliances

Inspector and other staff trainings


Traceability Wizz



Lauren Tonti, Former Co-Director, NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC: “Organic Insights is the perfect title for this consulting business. Silke has a talent for being insightful into the inner workings of our complex organic certification process. She offers a full, authentic explanation and response to any concern or question posed. She turns a requirement into a rewarding, efficient and productive experience. Her contribution allows us to create greater efficiencies within our systems and allows our internal resources to stay focused on our work. She is a valuable member of the team.”

Tobias Fischer, Certification International Department, Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH "Silke is a very dedicated professional, highly knowledgeable and she brought her decades of experience in the organic sector into the internal audits we conducted with her. I appreciated very much Silke's inoffensive style, being open to first understand how we work before drawing quick conclusions. The points Silke raised were always well researched and transparently explained to us. She gave us very good analyses and we could go straight into implementation. Her audits were a great preparation for the USDA audit, and we had no problems at that point. The auditors clearly appreciated the work we had done together. It was great working with her." Tobias Fischer, Certification International Department, Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH

Jessica Terry, Compliance Director, NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC “Silke has brought fresh perspective and valuable experience to our program reviews. She encourages discussion among the staff and gives us room to navigate when looking for those areas that need improvement. Silke is very knowledgeable, sees the big picture, and focuses on process rather than checking boxes off a list. Now we look forward to and feel relaxed during our internal audits - Thank you Silke!” Jessica Terry, Compliance Director, NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC

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I am your partner in the process of obtaining organic certification or accreditation.

I support you in creating or improving your own systems. Organic integrity and your success are my commitment.


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What S.O.E means for the coffee industry. This article, featured in the Roast Magazine, gives an overview of the changes to the USDA organic program, Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE). It was  written by Silke Fuchshofen, Organic Insights, Inc., an organic consulting firm.

Roast Magazine, July 2023;  click to read

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Advanced Inspector Training about the integration of trace back audits with other inspection activities.

A training about gaps in organic systems when uncertified vendors are used. This situation is being remedied with SOE, the new regulations that are in effect since March 20th, 2023.  

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Pages from Mail photo of Silke at ACA pr

ACA/IOIA conference in San Antonio, 2020.
A presentation on how to improve inspection performance. 

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NOSB panel discussion about organic import fraud prevention. This special event was a starting point for SOE in April of 2018.

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