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Silke Fuchshofen 
Certification and inspection systems specialist who has worked extensively on both sides of compliance systems. As independent organic, non-GMO and gluten-free inspector, Silke has worked for many different certifiers with different inspection systems in the US and in Europe. She has represented BCS-Oeko Garantie GmbH in the US and co-created the Fair Trade and Social Responsibility program of the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance.
Silke served on the IOIA Board of Directors for two years and on the Board of Fair Trade Sustainability Partners for five. In recent years Silke has specialized in complex traceabiltiy systems, created webinars for certifiers and inspectors and was invited to a two hour NOSB panel on import fraud prevention in the spring of 2018. Currently Silke serves on the OTA Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity Task Force.
Amanda Birk 

Amanda Birk is an IOIA Accredited inspector with nearly 20 years’ experience in the organic industry: food processing plants, livestock and crops.  She has worked independently and for Pennsylvania Certified Organics, one of the 10 largest organic certifiers in the U.S.  Amanda  developed a mentoring program for aspiring inspectors and conducts inspector evaluations.  

Amanda has trained staff for PCO and inspectors through the International Organic Inspector Association. Her expertise includes non-GMO inspections and for gluten-free inspections she has traveled to Canada, China, Japan, South America and Canada.

Amanda was an IOIA Board member and currently serves on the Field Evaluation and Accreditation Committees.  She serves on her local community board and regularly coordinates small events in her area to build the social, economic and environmental viability of her community.

Winfried Fuchshofen 
Winfried has a Ph.D. in organic agriculture and long-standing experience as a consultant in the international organic industry. He co-created the first ever B.Sc. in in Organic Agriculture at the University of Kassel, Germany in 1993-94. This course was later awarded German Mark 1,000,000 for innovation in teaching and learning by The German Ministry of Education. He also taught the extremely successful yearlong course "Conversion to Organic Farming". In this study course a group of students researched a farm in all aspects on-site and interviewed and discussed solutions with the the farmer family. They then created a complete "Conversion to Organic Plan" for the live conventional farm.
In his 30+ years of experience in organics, Winfried has consulted organic certifiers, farms, businesses and other organizations. He also co-created and is currently CEO of Fair Trade Sustainability Partners Inc.
He has a wide international network of organic certifications agencies, producers and traders. He is available for strategic consulting and long-term solutions to sourcing and sustainable supply chains, writes articles for US and German publications, can be contracted for speaking engagements and to chair or participate in panel discussions
We are dedicated to local and organic agriculture,
fair trade and everything that keeps this planet alive and livable.

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