AK-Organic Insights, Inc 3rd rev final f



"You gave us very good analyses and we can go straight into implementation."

"I have never been this relaxed during an audit."

"After a long, drawn out, pain staking time we are finally headed towards re-certifying the XY operation. Thank you for your guidance and assistance!"

"Working with you, I stopped being defensive about findings and just appreciated the input"


​"Your presentation about fraud prevention should come at the beginning of each traceability training. The students had a totally different approach to the whole training. They were much more engaged and critical!" 

​"Your training was great! Right at the next inspection I had the exact situation that you described, and I just knew how to handle it."  

​"That was so interesting! I just had a similar experience and thought, this is what an experienced inspector can do. To think that this could be taught in a training!"