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Organic Certification Consulting Services: 

For Processing and Trading Operations

Initial Certification 

Certification Maintenance

Certification Reinstatements

For Organic Certification Agencies

Annual Program Revies

Internal Audits

Inspector Trainings 

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My Story 

Having grown up in a city, I first became a secretary for foreign languages and worked for a forwarding agency. But not for long and I followed my dream and did an agricultural apprenticeship in Schleswig Holstein, Germany. The fascination with agriculture led me to enroll for a BSc at the University of Cassel to study under Prof. Dr. Hartmut Vogtmann, who had strong ties to the US and Canada. He held the first chair for organic agriculture worldwide in this small town, Witzenhausen. As a group of students, we demanded the development of a major program in organic agriculture; by the time that was implemented, my family had moved to the US. 

There we raised our two children, worked as organic consultants, and one abandoned consulting project inspired and started the development of an international, inclusive, fair trade program, the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance. I helped develop the program, served on the board for seven years and performed all types of work for this organization. Majoring in international agriculture I studied development projects and rural development in general and I greatly enjoyed the creation of this innovative program. 

Within Organic Insights, I worked as an organic and non-GMO inspector of processing facilities for 10 years, at the end of which I participated in the discussion about how inspections can be used as a better means of fraud prevention. I created a well attended certifier training for this issue, and was invited to speak at an expert panel at the NOP meeting in April 2018. 

In my consulting business I have worked with several companies that were about to loose their certification status or needed to be reinstated, and I helped companies create organic systems from scratch to get certified.

My approach is system oriented and I give Rarely will I point out a noncompliance without trying to identify the root cause with you. My audits, inspections and consulting are always cooperative, exploratory, and informative. 

I am your partner in the process of obtaining organic certification or accreditation. I support you in creating or improving your organic systems. Organic integrity and your success are my commitment. 

Feedback from Clients:


"You gave us very good analyses and we can go straight into implementation."


"We learnt so much!"


"I have never been this relaxed during an audit."


"You really care about our operation"

"After a long, drawn out, pain staking time…we are finally headed towards re-certifying the VB operation.

I thank you for your guidance and assistance!"


"I was never concerned about what you might find."


"Working with you, I stopped being defensive about findings and just appreciated the input"

Feedback from Collegues:

"This audit is giving them a lot more than what one would typically get out of an audit" 

"Your presentation about fraud prevention should come at the beginning of each traceability training. The students had a totally different approach to the whole training. They were much more engaged and critical!" 

"Your training was great! Right at the next inspection I had the exact situation that you described and I was totally prepared to find out how they are handling it. I know just what to ask them" 

"That was so interesting what you described! I just had had a similar experience, it took me all these years to get there. To think that this could be taught in a training! This is the difference between a beginner and an experienced inspector."

  • ABCert AG

  • Accredited Certifiers Association (ACA)

  • Agreco GmbH

  • Anuga GmbH

  • AP Ventures, LLC 

  • Atitlan GmbH

  • BCS Öko-Garantie, now Kiwa BCS

  • Bio & Fair Association, Germany

  • Cuvilly Arts and Earth Center

  • Ecoglobe, Armenia

  • Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance 

  • Food Chain ID

  • Grow NYC/Greenmarkets, New York City

  • HISG, now Sustainable Communities Worldwid

  • Hügli Nahrungsmittel GmbH

  • International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA)

  • LANA wear GmbH 

  • Living Tree Community Foods, Inc. 

  • NOFA-NY Certified Organic 

  • Organic Commodity Projects (OCP)

  • Organic Trade Association

  • Ortlieb Nuts & Vegetables GmbH

  • Reformawerk  Andreas Stellisch GmbH

  • Rentsch Handels AG

  • Stonyfield Farm, Inc. 

  • Sweet Green Fields, Inc.

  • Tierra Farm Inc. 

  • Zephyr Green Coffee LLC

Organic Insights is a proud member of:

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